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We are specialist installers of office telephone systems that are designed to meet all your business needs. With a range of features on offer, our telephone systems can be tailored to you, meaning you will be able to use the system however you need to in order to support your business. The systems we install come with built in functionality that can be as simplistic or as complex as you need, in order to suit SMEs and larger organisations.

Telephone system price calculator

The price of your telephone system will vary depending on the specification. Our price calculator will work out the price of the features you need – each one has an explanation so you can work out if it’s something you need. Once you have filled in the information, you can send your requirements straight over to us as an enquiry and we will be in touch to talk everything through.


Telephone Pricing Calculator

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The benefits of a new office telephone system

If you are thinking about having a new office telephone system installed, here are some of the key benefits you should know about:

Number portability allows you to port your existing telephone number
Smartphone app make/receive calls via your mobile app whilst on the go
Calls groups distribute incoming calls to multiple users
Auto attendants/interactive voice response personalised greeting for all your callers, providing them with a menu of options where they can self-direct to the right department or team member in your business
Call recording record calls and have them emailed to you
Call forwarding when you know you’re not able to accept any incoming calls, set up calling rules to have your calls sent to voicemail, another member of your team or any other device (like you home phone or mobile)
Call pickup answer any ringing line
Call transfer transfer your call to any destination, whether it is an internal extension, external number or even a mobile
Do not disturb show users in your office that you are busy and cannot receive calls. Forward all calls to a voicemail
Hide my number show your public number as anonymous
Call return call the last number you dialled, without re-entering the phone number
Speed dial assign numbers you call frequently to a button on the handset
Music on hold customisable music on hold, or pre-recorded messages
Voicemail allow callers to leave voicemails for individual extensions or for your whole organisation
Call Holding pause a call for any length of time
Call parking suspend a call for an extended period of time. During this time, you are free to make and receive other calls and invoke other features without limitation. When ready, retrieve the parked call from any extension on the system
Shared company directory share your company’s contacts in a shared directory. Know when their number is calling you as well
Advanced call routing improve privacy protection, automate tasks and enhance user productivity. You can filter incoming calls according to the Caller ID, the time of call and rules that trigger a set of predefined actions, such as call hang-up or transfer to specific phone numbers
Faxing this feature allows you to send and receive faxes via email
Continuity when your internet is down we can divert calls to mobiles and landlines. Take your desk phone home and continue to work as normal!

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